Search function not working

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dCs Rossini for streaming Tidal wirelessly.

Description Of Issue
When searching albums or artist it returns nothing found but when I search directly through dCS app it finds albums without problem.

Same here when I try to search for albums in Qobuz. The Qobuz app is working fine, so problem is at Roon’s side?

I see the problem, I broke our server side search system earlier today while attempting to improve our process for building a new search index. I am working on fixing it now, I will post here when things have changed

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I guess this is why all searches are taking over a minute tonight then?

We believe this to be resolved. Please let me know if you are still experiencing searches that take more than 20 seconds to complete and don’t show Tidal or Qobuz results.

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I believe I caused the problem at about 17:05UTC today, so about 4 hours and 45 minutes ago. If you observed searches taking a full minute to resolve in that time, this is why.

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Seems to be much better now.

Seems resolved, thank you. All is good as usual with Roon! Appreciate the quick response!

Searching now seems to have gone up a gear :+1:

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It is working again. Though still quite slowly.

Perhaps I was a bit unpatient. It working like a charm now, thanks!

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As I tell my fellow workers, don’t blame yourself, that’s my job :joy:

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