Search function, sorting and tag mode display

Being a lifetime user I am so far quite happy with the performance of Roon. Great sound, efficient handling of relatively large album collections (mine is over 10.000 albums) and mostly a very nice frontend. However, there are a few things that are in need of significant improvement.

  1. Search: I have no idea what is the logic behind this function, but it is certainly not able to find the music I want to locate. For instance, I have Hänssler Bach Edition with about 170 albums and they are stored as separate album, all with title starting with “Hänssler Bach Edition”. When I search for Hänssler Bach Edition I get 2 of these albums and then a bunch of other albums both from my own library and from Qobuz and with no relation to the Bach Edition (same if I search for Bach Edition only, and same for many other collections like Mozart 225 and Bach 333). Would be nice to know how the search function is working (or rather not working).
  2. Sorting is similar, I do not understand how it is working. For instance, if I place a tag on my Bach 333 collection with 19 parts, they are all sorted in what appears a random manner. They all have album names starting with Bach 333: X where X is a numerical value, and all have Various Artists as main artist (displayed beneath album). I would then expect it to be sorted in numerical order according to X, but not.
  3. Display in tag mode: only the very first part of every album title is shown, and the only way to see the whole name is to open the album. Either it should be possible to display the full album name in the tag list, or the name should pop up when you hover the mouse over the name.
    I would much rather see improvements in the these functions and other basic function before Roon put efforts into internet radio for which I, and probably most users, already have other solutions for.