Search in live radio not working


  • Intel up2 ApolloLake ROCK up to date
  • AVM FritzBox cable router integrated Wi-Fi
  • 2x RoPieee IQaudio HAT
  • 4x Android tablet/phone for control
  • 3x PC application

Finding a live radio station is almost impossible. I have to try several filter combinations and scroll through tens of pages in alphabetic order to find my station.

Search should only find live radio when I am in live radio.

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If you are in live radio, then the search results (using magnifying glass) for radio stations are prioritised (first of the sections).

I agree that using the category search within live radio can be difficult as some of the categories are very large.

For me in Android it’s not. I get (sorry, German):

  1. Top-result (irrelvant Artist)
  2. Artists
  3. Alben
  4. Titles
  5. Komposer
  6. Kompositions

How strange. Tried on my android tablet and mobile - if I’m in live radio, then I get station results first.

I’ll try PC later.

Thanks for reproducing!
I had now found out that the very first search does indeed show live radio first, but it never included the station I was looking for (even the station exists in roon!), so I searched a second time, and then the live radio (first) section gets omitted. Seems like a very low hanging fix to me, hopefully:-)

My search terms are

  • deutschland
  • deutschland radio
  • deutschland funk
  • gong
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try deutschlandfunk (or DLF)

I’m afraid Roon’s search isn’t clever enough to ignore the middle space.

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Hi @anon20747511

Can you share some screenshots showing what you’re seeing? For me, I’m seeing what Brian described above:

The same on Android when I test with that.

He searched without the middle space. Deutschland funk