Search in Roon - am I doing something wrong?

Hi. I’m trying to understand how the search functionality in Roon works and whether I’m doing something wrong. Basically, for me the search is pretty dreadful. This makes me wonder if somehow I have accidentally enabled a setting I didn’t mean to. An example:
Today my daughter wanted to play Annie (the musical) which is in our Albums library on Roon. I searched ‘Annie’ and all that came up was the artist Annie and the artist Annie Lennox. The former is not in my library and the latter is. Why noting more?
All thoughts/suggestions/comments gratefully received.

very strange. I have some frustrations with search, also.

Instead of search try selecting “my Albums” and then use the filter and see what happens.

So I had a huge search team reporting to me for a while, and this is one of those things that is just a result of enormous amounts of person-power. When does a single word correspond to the most likely 1-word match, and when does it correspond to the most likely 2-word match?

In this case, I have to search for “Annie musical” to get the album. Spotify gets it right, with Annie Lenox at possible response #5 but most of them are “Annie musical” responses.

I suppose what I’d say based on my somewhat related experience is it takes an army to chase down all these cases. With smaller products (like Roon, at <1m users definitely a small product) you don’t have the staff to chase down all these use cases and build all the tooling you want for your specific use case, let alone to personalize search. So I just type “Annie musical” and deal. Others may not be so patient.

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Thanks for the reply Johnny.
The thing is (and I should have been more specific about this I now realise) when I search Annie Musical it doesn’t find Annie the musical. Or certainly not the one in my library - it’s “Annie (original broadway etc etc …)” - it doesn’t even find it when I type “Annie (or” (ie most of the start of the actual album title - indeed, it doesn’t seem to search in my own library so I was assuming I have a setting incorrectly set as I’d have thought the first place Roon would look would be in my library by (rather than, say, Tidal)… advice?

What was said above is correct

Filtering your albums is often the best way to search.

In defence of Roon it cannot know whether you are searching for something in your library or in the Qobuz / Tidal musicoshphere.

Currently if i want an album or song I don’t have in my Library I use search, if it is in my library, I filter.


Can you see the album if you go to “my albums” sort by title and then look for it? should be in alphabetical order…

Jumping in here – on topic for the thread title, but not responsive to OP:

I just searched for “Thelonius Monk” (yes, mis-spelled) and while several albums and pieces by Thelonious Monk came up, no artist with that name was listed in the search. I had to follow a couple of links to get there.

That doesn’t seem like a proper response – I understand that Roon might provide multiple responses that have a chance of being what I want. But surely one of the suggestions should be the artist Thelonious Monk!?

LOL, when I search for “thelonius monk” the results is:

what is also strange is when I get to “Thel” the preview results show this:

but if I finish typing the misspelled “thelonius monk” it completely changes and give s the first result.
so removes the composer and tracks and albums from Thelonious Monk…but finds other options that have Thelonious monk in them…

But, just to be clear, search is WAY more useful now than it’s ever been before.

Still in the “huh” mode, my results from “Thelonius Monk” are similar but not identical to yours – I don’t get any artist suggestions:

Looking more carefully I see that you have Tidal, I have Quobuz. I wonder if that’s the source of the difference (or maybe it’s dark mode versus light :wink: )