Search in Tidal via Roon no results - Search in Tidal via web-frontend -> results

I am facing the issue that the search in Roon for Tidal content (specifically “Lana del Rey - Chemtrails over the country club”) has no search results via Roon but has a hit via the frontend.

If I mark the title then in the web-frontend it does not show via Roon.

Why is that?

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I have the exact problem. Roon do not give me the same choice as Tidal via web.

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Hi @Bjarne_Caesar,

As we note in our Help Center, there can be a delay between when an album is available in TIDAL and when it is available in Roon. Looking now, this album seems to be available, so you should be good to go. Apologies for the inconvenience!

hi - i cannot confirm this.
the sync does currently work NOT at all.
not for the specific example as mentioned nor for any album added via the web-frontend.

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Hi Dylan,

thanks for the reply.

My comment was of a more general kind. Take a look at Fleetwood Mac, no albums from today until “the white album” is avalable. Eva Cassidy is not complete, and i can unfortunately continue with other artists.

as @martin_foerster writes, you must have a problem with the sync.

No in several cases it not syncronize