Search is broken 2

I search for “Bach Violin Concerto”.

The first 6 albums Roon suggests do indeed have Bach Violin concertos on them.

The 7th suggestion is Bach Brandenburg concertos. Not really acceptable, but maybe ok.

The 13th suggestion is Dvorak Violin Concerto. Wrong. Completely.

The 14th suggestion is Schumann and Mendelssohn Violin concertos. Again completely wrong.

The 17th suggestion is Mozart Violin Concertos. Wrong.

The 19th Brahms Violin concertos. Wrong.

The 20th Szymanowski … Wrong.

and so on.

I have Qobuz.

No reasonable person searching for “Bach Violin Concertos” would expect concertos by Mozart, Szymanowski, Brahms and Dvorak to be found before those by Bach.

When doing the same search in Qobuz itself I get quite a reasonable long list back.

There really is something wrong with the search in roon. “Bach Violin Concerto” is a really simple request. It should be nailed.


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