Search is broken for albums by Oregon

If I search for the group Oregon it comes up with an entry, but shows no albums. You have to click “Compositions Qobuz(40)” then click a track you know is one of their albums (e.g. “Shard/String is Really Coming”). Once the track is displayed, clicking on “Oregon” where it says “composed by Oregon” finally lists “Main Albums (18)”

Please fix this. That’s a really broken approach to finding their albums in Qobuz.

That’s not what I see. I get Oregon as the band and when I click on the Band I see 18 main albums.
Have you upgraded Roon core and client to build 571?

Yes, I have build 571. Everything is up to date everywhere. I am running ROCK on a NUC8i7, and have the latest versions of the clients.

I see the same behavior I complained about above with the Roon clients on my iPad Pro 11 (iPad OS), iPhone 11 Pro Max, and MacOS 10.15.5. It’s consistently repeatable. If I use the Qobuz iOS client on my phone directly it works just fine, so this seems to be a Roon problem somehow. Maybe an issue with my account in the Roon backend?

When you get to the screen showing the artist, is “Performer” or “Composer” in blue? (lower right side of the artist pane).
It sounds like you are looking via composer (compositions come up) rather than performer. This would also explain a difference between clients?

Thanks for trying to help. It doesn’t matter whether I pick Oregon from Artist or from Composer, they both show the exact same screen.

It’s not like I’m a noob and don’t know how to use the Roon client. I’ve had it for well over a year, am technically inclined, and do this type of search all the time. I even built and stood up my own NUC running ROCK, and integrated my ripped CDs and FLAC files. Something is just clearly foobar with this particular search. Others seem fine.

What it does do is show every misc album with “Oregon” in the title, one or two by them. As long as I pick one that’s theirs or a composition that shows up, I can display that and then click the Oregon link to get to the screen with their albums. It’s a wierd thing, but trust me, this is not user error on my part.

Jeez, so sorry. All I can say is I can’t make it fail like you are seeing. Works just as it should for me.

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I appreciate your attempt to help in any case.

If you add one of their albums to your library, then if you try the search does it work?

As a matter of fact , yes it does.

This is a known, unresolved BUG, that I don’t think Roon has figured out how to resolve. If you do not have an album in your library and search an artist, it MAY bring up the composer page rather than the artist page, and won’t give you the artist page. You have to navigate through compositions until you get to the point you can add an album and then everything shifts to working correctly.

My belief is this is one major reason that people find Search so confusing. Searching for an artist you’ve heard of but don’t have any material by presents an erroneous and confusing set of results. I’ve had it happen repeatedly.


Yes, I was about to say as much.

Is there a thread in the forum where this bug is discussed in detail? I am hitting the bug from time the time and, despite being aware of the workaround, merging this thread with the original thread I would find benefial.

Guys from Roon should be continuously reminded of the fact this is still in place, unresolved.

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There is a thread I recall; it was not particularly detailed in any sense more than this one is. I also remember in other threads posting a specific instance of “why can’t I find [very popular artist] on Tidal when I know it’s there.”