Search is broken, it is indefensible

@ultrafud - please can you respond to the questions from @zenit - he is Roon Labs staff and working on the Search service. He is trying to help you…

I truly hope you were joking.
yes there is metadata in the library where Sutherland and loads of other artists are included.
That is the difference to Pop albums, you have many artists on an album.
Roon search does include these - but not always. As you can see in my example.
Using the focus on the second picture - focussing on Joan Sutherland, it finds all albums with her in my library - so Roon knows the exist and also knows where to find them.

So it looks like there is some inconsistency regarding when Roon picks up the artist and doesn’t if it is in the metadata.

It would be interesting to compare the metadata of the album it found against those that it didn’t.

Instead of search go to albums, use the filter and enter your search terms, exact spelling. I will bet that after just entering rodelinda, you will see what you want.

After I cleaned up my library metadata with SongKong my searches worked better. I suspect in some cases, particularly when people have ripped their own files, there may be less-than-obvious metadata problems.

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Don’t know if this has been answered. I am too aggravated about the thread to read much further.

You can find what albums are unidentified by using ‘Focus’ from the album page to find the identified albums and reversing the criteria.

Once you get all the unidentified albums in Focus, you can set up a Bookmark that will dynamically update with any future unidentified albums.

This helped me -

And yes, the suckiness of Roon’s Search is indefensible, but it seems like a good will effort to fix that is being made. These posters that want to make it seem like it’s your fault are not unbiased when reading what you’re posting.

I wonder if this is the case? Three scenarios:

  1. local files which are “In” your library
  2. streaming albums or tracks that are “In” your library
  3. streaming service vast pool of results

I think cases 1 and 2 should be treated the same and should be given priority over case 3.

I agree with suggestions in other posts about adding filters on the search results page – hey, this search is off base, let me filter only on Albums.


??? Did you not see the picture in my post?
I showed that the albums were in my library using focus. Yes that works. But we are discussing the search function and that should give these results.

It really sometimes seems like people want to misunderstand.
The guy in charge acknowledged that this problem exists and that he will try and fix it. So really I do not understand this going around in circles with users stating the problem does not exist.

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Sorry for the stupid question, but is the album tagged?
If it isn’t, Roon might not find it.

I don’t work for Roon and I don’t feel I need to defend my choice for using it. In fact I have posted several examples of the search being broken in a precious thread.

But I saw a lot of effort in fixing these problems by Roon. I consider the search functionality definitely “imperfect” but by no means “indefensible”.

It appears that under some conditions the “global” search returns incomplete results (that is, less results returned bs using the “local/library” search). This indeed seems to be a bug. Like all (software) bugs it needs to be reproducible before any developer can attempt to fix it. A good such case is the “Rodelinda” one. The next step would be for someone to look at the metadata of the albums shown under the local search and check why the global one fails to find them. I experimented with unidentified albums in my local library where I manually edited the title (for example adding HDCD to the title to distinguish it from the main release). I cannot reproduce the issue. That does not mean there is no bug. It simply means that we have not found the specific combination of features that lead to a bug. Let’s help Roon developers do so

@zenit knows about the bug and has promised to fix it. He also knows why all this happens (or so it appeared) so it is in the works. But sadly the priority was not high enough - to me it is the most basic and important search function.

It is simply amusing, how many users there are who simply try and say the problem does not exist and it is the users fault.
I remember when a few others and myself complained about the search function giving endless examples and conversations with Danny, which helped in search getting better - there were also loads of little battles about how search was not that bad with some users. Strangely after the new fix many people say search is so much better, quite a few of them were in the crowd that had stated there was no problem before the fixes…
Sometimes it feels like one should never discuss politics, religion or Roon…

As for now I give up. Either it is fixed or not. Atleast I know how to work around the problem. But it simply should not be difficult to find existing albums in Roon. Roon has become a bit of a cult. :wink:

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I agree: ROON search is not good. I have to search in Spotify of all things, find the album/artist/song and then re-search in ROON and MAYBE it finds it. Otherwise, I have to go into TIDAL or QOBUZ and search there. Really really cumbersome…

I’ve been using Roon since 2015. It has been my primary music server since then.

For me, search has never been great, but it has been usable for most circumstances. However, since the builds 88x, search has slowed immensely on my system, and the search results seem no better. In short, a step backwards.

I am certain that the Roonies will sort this out and I believe it to be at least partially because Roon is moving to some web based data storage.

At the same time, I am experiencing some audio dropouts when the Roon core is working, a situation that I’ve never experienced before. Again, I’m confident that the Roon team will get the issues fixed.

And before anybody slams my network, it is gigabit fiber with all Roon devices connected via Ethernet cabling with good throughput. I’m also using Cloudflare DNS at the router.

It will get better.


Somebody will slam your network because it is your network, or an issue with your internet provider’s network. I’ve had minor issues with dropouts and delays in songs playing over the years in two countries with speeds of 100, 200, 400, 500, 1 gig and 1,5 gig. All totally wired. Every time it’s been a network issue (mostly mine, sometimes my ISP) that I have resolved on my own. It is not Roon. I’m sure we would all be having this problem if it were a Roon issue.

Talking about Search results in this thread, So, apart from the case of Search being slow, there is no network cause for getting inadequate Search results.

I suspect that there are a few edge cases, DNS for search services and the like.

I regularly get errors with search that restrict to my local library. “Can’t connect to Roon Search.” Not sure if that’s on my end (though I doubt it …) or on Roon’s side.

not sure if @ultrafud has tried this, but I am betting this will work, also.

I have a bunch of personal compositions on my hard drive that are part of my music library. Unidentified by Roon, obviously. The filter finds them no problem, even if they might be tough to find in a regular search.

Starting to type any word will magically filter results, and eventually you should see the album/artist/track you’re looking for in your library.

Not needing to defend the OP but i think you are being rather pedantic. He clearly stated that he searched for LOVE TRAIN. He has only one copy on his local server with no streaming, and it is not showing up. Why are you berating him for his request for help? He has answered every question. He has a legitimate problem and you want to beat him up over it!


You’re right. I thought the way you have expressed it is a bit extreme but, on reflection, you’re right. It is crap. I’ve had similar things happen.