Search is broken, it is indefensible

It’s interesting that the album’s title is being split into two lines despite both words being short. I’m guessing that there is some sort of hidden character in the title that is messing with the search engine.

This seems worth reporting to roon support for follow up. You’d be doing yourself and all roon users a good deed by reporting what appears to be an interesting edge case.

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@ultrafud, I’ve flagged @zenit for you so he can take a look at this…

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It‘s probably because the album is unidentified.


If you are trying to find specific items in a local only library, I always suggest using the filter.

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Which Roon version are you using?

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Yes, see this recent thread -

I wasn’t even aware you could identify albums that don’t pop up in the generated results. I have a tonne of albums that aren’t “identified”.

No that is not the case. Just did a test and Roon could find any unidentified album as first hit. It has never had any trouble doing this (I have a lot of unidentified albums). Not all albums can be identified (no metadata source if album is unreleased or a compilation you have made yourself).

I imagine it’s more subtle than simple “unidentified”. Probably depends on the track tags and what they have in them.

Roon really isn’t that good for identifying albums if you listen to anything slightly under the radar. I’d say about 25-50% of records I add to Roon can’t find metadata matches.


No, this is a ‘feature’. Pretty much every album splits out the word of the title, or first few if the title is longer. Either way, Roon seems to prefer splitting the title over two lines when it can.

For what it’s worth, I searched my library for two different albums that have a 2 word album title that I knew were in my library but both unidentified. I also knew neither was in Qobuz. Search did find both, but each was the very last item on the list of Albums found in the search results. My guess is that unidentified albums get the lowest ranking priority but I’m just guessing.

As a broad statement, that’s not completely true. See my thread referenced above as it relates to Qobuz vs. local copies.

Might be true in this thread, since the OP only has local files.

An extremely annoying (even now) legacy of the ‘museum like’ design changes made way back which selects inappropriately large fonts and ignores the acres of unused black space in which it could comfortably put the title on one line. Indefensible yes.

From an album just added:


Yep, it’s annoying …




Thanks for pointing that out. I never noticed it, and it didn’t even occur to me to check it. I’m a baaaaaaad tester!


And again users with streaming services, write that they find something…
It seems very difficult for many users to comprehend that some users have a local library.
Putting in the exact title of an album in the library, should obviously show that album in results.

This is the most primitive and basic function of a search engine.

I have been down that road many times with my library. Roon simply does not find many albums. This is a reality and no it does not help or fix the problem, if people can find some stuff on a streaming service.
The problem is search with a local library.


Thank you!