Search Is Completely Broken On Mac OS

Late 2016 Macbook Pro with latest version of Roon installed. Issue persists regardless of DAC, amp, network, etc.

Issue persists regardless of WiFi or wired, and regardless of network.

Issue persists on a variety of devices and Dacs.

Search is completely broken after the latest update. Tracks I just added into my library don’t show up, even after they’ve just been added. Songs that came out today or yesterday don’t show up in search, and you have to click on the artist name to find them. Sometimes that doesn’t even work, and all that shows up on an artists’ page is the songs you already have saved by them. Restarting Roon does not solve this problem. Might give up my lifetime subscription if this is not resolved soon.

Search function gone. Tidal via Roon more or less gone.

13:30 EST, search is abysmal. A full 3 minutes to find anything on Tidal.

@support - These extremely slow searches that customers complain about, is this a reflection of troubles at your server farm?

In any event, the problem seems to be getting worse, both in frequency and duration.

Weird, I just tried Roon Tidal searches and they were all 3 seconds or less. 1:44 EST. (Windows PC)

Search is incredibly variable - mine was just very quick but sometimes is in the minutes. Also depends on what you are searching for it seems.

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Don’t know the topology, but does Roon’s server farm get involved in searches, Tidal or otherwise?

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I’m experiencing the same issues Sorry for being a little melodramatic in my original post. I’m also definitely not willing to wait three minutes for a search result to come up in 2019 either. All of you thankfully seem to have a lot more patience than I do regarding this issue.

That’s what I’m wondering at this point, because all of the searches come up in half a second or so tops on Tidal.

We were doing some work on the servers earlier today, but I think everything should be back to normal now.

Seems reasonable to me. Are you still experiencing long delays or are things back to normal?

Also, to be clear – we’re not happy with the current “normal”, but work to improve search performance is underway, as I mentioned recently.

Doesn’t work for me.

It’s definitely better right now. Hopefully it stays that way. There will be periods of time where everything goes back to normal, and then it all goes back to the same state of affairs the next day. Everything’s good for now though.

My sense is that users will be far more forgiving of poor performance if they are given advance warning. “Doing work on the servers” seems like something that might affect performance.


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There is a lag, perhaps a day(?), before new stuff is searchable in Roon.

Im sure barry white released a number of albums before yesterday.

Ha, that’s true, but this is what I understood from your post.

I just did a quick check and, on Tidal at least, both Whites show up.
I don’t follow either one, so I don’t know about today’s releases.:expressionless:

Tidal is no problem. Its Tidal via Roon that doesnt work.

As a data point no lag on searches with no streaming services enabled. No doubt it’s the cloud infrastructure.

Everything has been working a lot better Mike! Thank you so much for all of your help.

And we’re broken again.