Search is inconsistent about returning Tidal results

When I search for an artist, Roon is inconsistent about whether it searches Tidal or not. For example, searching for “Flanger” I get a black box representing the artist, and when I click it I get results from my library along with those from Tidal.

However, if I search for “Sa Chen” I get a link at the top of the page saying “More results on TIDAL”. Clicking the black box for the artist only shows me my local results. And if I do click “More results on TIDAL” it only shows me results on Tidal, not from my local library.

Suggestion: Make this consistent, and always search Tidal.

I agree with this suggestion, it needs to be more consistent.

or at least suggest search, “12th” vs “Twelfth”

Just like Google :wink:

They should at the very least compare strings in a case-insensitive way. Did you know there’s both a “PentaTone Classics” and a “Pentatone Classics”? Very annoying.

However, mapping search terms to results is really separate from my complaint here. However those search terms match, they should search over the local collection and Tidal whenever there’s an enabled account. (Actually, if they were smart they would probably show you Tidal results whether you have subscribed or not, since this would entice you to subscribe.)

Here’s another big area of frustration with the lack of unified search results: If I start by looking at genres (say Jazz) and drill down to Bop, I only see albums from my local collection. I really want to see the Bop albums that Tidal has for me to explore. I can’t see any way to do that!