Search is only giving me explicit albums

Hi all,

at present I only have Tidal setup on roon ROCK. When I search for an artist I’m only getting explicit albums in the results, even though I know edited versions are available within the Tidal app. I’ve enabled filtering on roon radio, but is there a setting somewhere to filter all search results or even show the edited versions as well as? What with my 5 year old being home 24/7 at the moment, it would be really useful to enable this.


Anybody have any ideas? I’ve still not solved this.

Hi Leigh,

do you have an example?



Hi Leigh

They are there you have to go into the album, go to the versions tab, and then choose the “clean” version. Take Beyonce for example, the search returns the explicit album, however, if you click on the album, go to versions, you can scroll down and add the non-explicit version to your library.

What you are looking for is an option, like with Radio, to exclude explicit search returns. And that is a Feature Request.

Nice one cheers