Search is STILL frustrating - direct matches are missed

I’m in the habit of subscribing to an umber of new release emails and newsletters, and my Friday am enjoyment is cutting an pasting the title/artist of any interesting looking releases into Roon (CMD-F) and letting it run.

I have subs to both Qobuz and Tidal, so pretty much the world is my oyster.

Number 1 observation - searching is most often glacial. I mean GLACIAL - and I’m on a symmetric gigabit link.

Number 2. Even though I cut and paste the exact title artist, the real hit is often not found - though it may be in the list, it is not first - and in some instances can be on subsequent pages.

Here is an example:

Here is the results screen…

On the face of it, seems to be unavailable. But, wait one and select View All for Albums, and…

… and there it is.

This is far from an isolated example and is more than a tut frustrating :slight_smile: Perhaps this could be on the list for future work? And dn’t forget the search speed either please.



I’ve only got Qobuz. If I use Roon to search for “Picture This Gary Burton” Roon nails it, returning the album as the first match.

But if I add “Quartet” to the search making it more precise - “Picture This Gary Burton Quartet” then Roon returns it as the third possibility - but the first two are worse matches.

Go figure!

And both searches are tediously slow - much slower than Qobuz itself.

I’ve got TIDAL and here is my search. Seems to work for me.

So I get the first track in the search. And after I’ve added the album to my library, I get that as first result.

It’s interesting to me, not to say telling, that three almost identical searches produce three different results.

Note that in my search the results claim to be for the quartet, even though I omitted that word from the search.

Still work to do for Roon IMHO.

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Search results are streaming service (TIDAL and/or Qobuz), service region, and library content dependent.

Fair enough, but would it be possible to pass the search through to Qobuz when using the Qobuz view? Qobuz seems to often have better intuitions about what I mean than Roon does, and it is consistently a lot quicker. I wouldn’t mind that such a search missed out my library.

For example if I search for “Beethoven Piano Sonatas Perahia” Roon will offer the one match I have in my library, various other albums featuring the Sonatas but not by Perahia, then one by Perahia, then some partial matches, then a good match and so on.

By contrast the first dozen or so results from Qobuz are all Beethoven Piano Sonatas played by Perahia. These are buried in Roons results - Roon gives me Beethoven Cello Sonatas by Oistrakh well before some of the Perahia Piano Sonatas. This isn’t good enough.

Hi @Joel,

I’m not actually sure what that means. I have all three (and for some items will have results from all). Are you saying that the result depends on e.g. the order in which the services are searched?

Hi Graham, no I was saying that search results will depend on whether you have TIDAL or not, whether you have Qobuz or not, the regions for these services, and whether you’ve added any relevant items to your library.

Essentially, there are search terms; these produce IDs. These IDs are then filtered by streaming service region (some IDs are not available in some regions). Finally, “Top Result” takes into account local library content.

I love Roon but search function basically doesnt work.
I have scores of concerts from all years.
If I search for “2018-which is part of the title”
I get like 10 results…when I have like over 100 concerts from 2018.

They are many times from the same source and are labeled the same way…pretty bad…more so that I am.paying for it.

I understand the challenge if multiple sources and different labels/meta data …but this is all the same???

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Another example: search for Boss Hoss or The Boss Hoss yields no relevant results. Search for The Bosshoss finds the correct band. Very much hit and miss…

I’d never heard of them so did the search in Tidal which also didn’t find them using boss hoss. Once I’d favourites a track then roon found the album though still not the artist.
Spotify found the artist on first search.

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I found Boss Hoss in Tidal app straight away first artist choice. If I search The Boss Hoss then it finds something but nothing in it.

Qobuz search only brings up The BossHoss as choice which ever I put in, which seems to be a different act.

Roon finds both depending on how you spell it. Roon relies on the spelling to be pretty much correct for it to match I find. Boss Boss finds Boss Boss ,The BossHoss finds the The BossHoss.

Your comment doesn’t actually address the issue, and that is that we are not getting accurate search results in a timely manner.
In 1989 I had a system with fully inverted searches, and it worked well! The fact that I have multiple services is a complication, but not beyond the wit of smart people.

I think Roon is hearing from enough people, with a multitude of (poor) experiences that it should raise some flags that this functionality needs work. For me, I regard this as one of the basic pieces of functionality of Roon and as such would hope that improvements are high on the list of to-dos.


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