Search issues using quick search (Magnifying glass on upper right corner)

Hi, when I’m using the magnifying glass to search for songs, Roon will return the albums containing the song, but the “Tracks” section is empty. For example, I was searching for the song Verdi Cries and Roon correctly returns the three albums I have containing this song, but does not return the songs themselves under Tracks.

Sometimes, under Tracks, one has to click on More to show the tracks (which is a bit annoying, so if someone can explain the purpose, it will be helpful - showing the top X results would make more sense than showing none to begin with). But in this instance, there is no More button to click.

Anyone else experiencing this?


I had this once. The only way I was able to fix it was to remove Roon and then reinstall it (was only used as Remote, so not much to loose for me).

Wow! That’s amazing…it works as expected now. And Tracks shows all the tracks. Thank you for the tip!!

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