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I’m curious what people’s experience has been with searching when their network is busy. I have a restricted network at the best of times but when I update my windows machine and have some files queued for ftp the search function in Roon fails to return anything, it seems like it just gives up. I’m currently doing this and searching to find artists I know I have and it returns a couple of live radio stations…. I use search to open an artist rather than scrolling through 2000 artists to open what I’m wanting to play.

What’s the deal here?

I also tried YouTube and it will happily play (and search for) content, so the network is fine even with the current ftp going on.

Describe your network?
What does “restricted” mean?

My network is near a small regional town via fixed wifi. Supposedly I get 50/5Mbps but that’s more like 30/2 and it gets drop outs due to the 10km distance and interference I expect. I also have the service fall over for periods. The rest of the network in the house is fine. I run Ubiquiti gear. I have a Ubiquiti Pro gateway, 10Gbit switch, main 24 port distribution switch, local 8 port switch and wired to the NUC Roon server. Everything is wired. The same final 8 port switch runs 4K videos from the NAS connected to the 10G switch without issue. All Roon files are local to the NUC (on SSDs) with the NAS doing backups.

This has only been an issue since the ‘improvements’ with 2.0.

A drastic upload difference (jitter / network congestion leading to high propagation delay) like that plus the issues you describe with stability I assume is the problem. This should be moved to support @moderators so support can see if you have excessive retry counts on the requests going up to “the cloud”.

Until then, your WISP should verify any line of sight issues to your antenna. If you know exactly where their antenna is you can do this yourself at

I’ve had the fixed wifi connection looked at previously. The provider has test equipment they use to align the dish for best signal. I’m at the limit of the connection and I have issues of undulating landscape making things less than ideal.

I’m moving to browse rather than search, although annoying it’s working for me at the moment. Even when my network is really good I still find a delay in search results that just didn’t happen previously.

Roon is slowly becoming unusable for me. I’m actively looking for alternatives, may go back to LMS, I don’t really use the reviews, blurb etc, it’s really just a playback / music management system for me and the functionality is progressively disappearing.

I no longer recommend Roon to people, I think it’s lost it’s direction and usability for some use cases.

Have you tried rebooting core during these times? Sometimes things can get “stuck”. It shouldn’t matter previous failed searches but its something Roon should look at. You’re kind of a great sample for them to improve this since you know it will get slow so, if they can do something, the logs should tell a pretty clear story.

This has been raised before , the answer was that the Up/Down data transfer to search engine is quite low so your network is unlikely to be limiting. The grunt work goes on at the server until an “answer” is ready .

The search feature was moved to the cloud to allow newer tech to be used , its stil very much work in progress

Instead of scrolling the 2000 artists why not use the Filter Tool , eg “bea” will find the Beatles almost instantly, the search tool is a blunt instrument comparatively . The filter tool is searching for “bea” in 2000 records (LOCALLY) hence quick. I only use search when its more complex

If the Internet connection is as unstable as it sounds like then it most definitely is limiting. Bandwidth and latency requirements (no matter how small) are irrelevant if the data has trouble reaching its destination.

I tried rebooting the Roon NUC when this first occurred but that made no difference. I just put up with it thinking eventually they’d fix it.

I should add that I have no issues most of the time with network browsing so if the data up and down is so small I’m curious why it’s not working? Also, it doesn’t work away until it has an answer, it works away for an annoying period and gives up.

Anyway, a lot of the time it works although anyone who says this search method is quicker that the local search is just deluded, there’s a noticeable delay.

Roon is slowly becoming something I didn’t sign up for and I’m looking at alternatives. I use only local music, no streaming services and I feel Roon no longer has a solution for those of us who don’t use such services. I think it will be their undoing, there’s nothing stopping the streaming barons implementing their own app and denying Roon access in the future. These tech companies don’t seem to play nice in the longer term.

Thanks for the type ahead suggestion, I’ll use that.

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