Search not returning an album known to be in library

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Arch Linux on Intel, Roon 1.7 Files stored locally on machine hosting core.

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Description Of Issue

Searching doesn’t find an album in my library:


Nothing in skipped files relating to this album/folder.

Hi @evand,

Is it just that search isn’t showing this album, or is this album not showing in Roon at all?

Are you able to navigate to it using other methods besides search?

I tried to find it in albums by album name and by browsing through the “Various Artists” artist. Nothing. Checked the files to ensure they’re not corrupt. They’re not. Updated the date and timestamp of all files in the album to today and it showed up in Overview (I’ve set Roon to regard file date and timestamp as import date).

Still doesn’t appear in search though and now I know why — Roon’s recognised it and given it a completely different name.


Thanks for the update, @evand.

Can you share this with us in a PM via a shared Dropbox link? We can take a look and see why it was identified incorrectly.

I’ve changed the tagging on my side to use that which Roon adopted. We were using different components of a long album name.

I had it tagged: Hillbillies In Hell: The Rapture
I’ve now tagged it: Hillbillies In Hell: Country Music’s Tormented Testament (1952 - 1974) - The Rapture
Roon tagged it:

Looking at the cover and given it’s part of a series, I’d say my tagging is more accurate.

How do people arrive at a view that C&W is depressing?

Trad C&W is unlistenable.

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