Search not returning exact match album title

Roon Core Machine

Unraid Docker container, i3-11th gen, 16GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

WiFi & Ethernet, no VPN. Linksys Velop.

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

28k tracks

Description of Issue

I’m doing a search for “MTV Unplugged” on my library, then clicking the button to only display what is in my library. It is getting some results, but not all. (note: there is no “More” button to indicate more results)

1 album specifically, is not being returned. It is titled “MTV Unplugged” by The Cure. This album is unmatched and has Live and Bootleg = Yes (because my version is not a match to what is in Roon’s metadata sources). Is there something that excludes Live or Bootleg albums from showing in search results?

@WWLAladdinSane Not sure why that would be occurring but you may want to try the following:

Go to My Albums
Click Focus and Select your Local Library (whatever it is called)
Then use the Filter Search on the far right to search by MTV (I don’t have any MTV so I used Halsall instead)

It should show you all matches in your local library.
Of course if you don’t have a huge amount of local you could just scroll down the page to find.

Add Identified to search parameters (it’s under Inspector) then click it again. It will go red and will give you unidentified albums. (See second screenshot)
Good luck.


Thanks for the tips.

Yep, using Focus gets it right (and finds a few others that don’t appear), but I feel like as a user, the regular search should be finding things with exact matches so that I don’t have to use focus. Focus should help narrow down more, not be the primary way to find something. Not a showstopper by any means, but is a bit of a quirk to the search.

Global search is not meant as a tool to introspect a users own library (exclusively). Search results (counts) are limited to keep resource needs and wait times reasonable. Some weighting/selection has to be done on what results should be included (the exact algorithm only known to Roon Labs). So, obviously for your example search, not all the albums from your library made it into the limited list of search results (for the benefit of other, deemed more worthy by Roon’s algorithm, matches). Then activating the library button doesn’t change the current result set but merely hides all the matches from outside of your library. That’s why you end-up with only four albums and no More-button (there are no more matches in the result set).
As Fergus_B already pointed out, users have to go to the respective browser (depending on what you search for) and use filter and focus there to introspect their library.

Hello, thank you for the question and also for the answers.
I’ve already spent a lot of time searching and finding. Also use the focus and various other detours.

There was also a discussion > View by storage location.

A search function that only returns a limited number of results is garbage. Likewise, the use of detours such as bookmarks, focus and tags.

When I’m looking for something, I want to find it, not play around.

It’s much better, you just have to want it.

Best regards

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