Search not working on Roon while ok on Tidal

While I was showing Roon to my sun I searched for “iam”.
This is a French rap group. Roon didn’t found it while going directly to Tidal I got it.
I had the same issue with multiple “teen search”.

Hi Serge,
On the search results page there is a link at the top which says “More results on Tidal”. Clicking that brings up IAM as an artist for me.

Hi Andrew, I saw the link but it wasn’t working for me.
Roon is installed on a Mac Mini connected via USB to a Devialet.
The Mini is naked, I control from an iPad.

That is strange. I’d suggest power cycling the Mini and restarting the Remote. If the Tidal search link is still not working after that then we’ll ask the devs to investigate.