Search on Artist should behave like clicking on Artist

In the Artist view, when you click on an Artist and scroll down a bit, you see all their albums listed in chronological order.

However, when you search by Artist, you get two areas at the top “Top Result” and “Production” which normally contain no information i.e. wasted space. Then you see some albums. You then have to click on “View all”. Then a list of their albums come up but they appear to be in random order.

I would like search Artist to behave like clicking an Artist on Artist view.

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Hi Robert,

I think I’m getting what you’re saying, but it sounds like you’re misunderstanding how the search function works. It’s designed to bring back any match on your search term from across your library (and Tidal if enabled). This allows for searching on partial artist names, partial album names or even partial track names.

If you type in an artist name then you should see the artist from your libarary listed in the Top Results. Click on that entry and you’ll be taken to the same artist page that you would if you browsed through the artist view.

Below I’ve searched “the beatles” and if I click on “The Beatles” listed under Top Results I’ll be taken to the artist page (which shows the albums listed as you expect).

Thanks Andrew, that makes perfect sense.