Search on the band's name is not bringing up all of the available albums

Nucleus +, 1.7-511.

When I do a search on for example Pink Floyd, Roon retrieves a subset of what is available in Tidal and Qobuz (I have both integrated), as well as all of the relevant albums that I have on my NAS. I can get to the albums I was looking for, for example ‘The Later Years’ only if I search specifically by name for that album.

Yep…same thing here.

Hi @Gary_Aigen,

The best option to see all content from a specific artist is to navigate to their artist page. Here you can see all albums available for this artist both from your library and from TIDAL/Qobuz.

I will try that, but search should return all available titles.

OK, two things: I tried looking from the band’s page and if you add together the albums in my library and the ones in Tidal/Qobuz maybe they are all there (how would I know?), but I need to look in both places to get a full list of all that I am aware of - the ones in Tidal/Qobuz do not repeat what I already have in my library, which is questionable as they may have different versions.

Secondly, to go to the artist page and then look for albums rather than a simple search is a much longer process and unintuitive at best.

I dont know how many there are in your library plus Qobuz and Tidal but if it’s more than 50 you won’t see them all from a search. There’s a maximum of 50 results returned.

Less than 50.

Hi @Gary_Aigen,

At the moment, search is designed to be a bit broader than just showing albums for one artist. A majority of the top albums shown are all popular Pink Floyd albums, but there are also other albums that show up later down the list because they include “Pink Floyd” in the name.

We try to account for both of these uses in our search, but we are always trying to improve our results. I appreciate the feedback, Gary, and I’ll be sure to pass it along to the team.

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