Search - One small step for man, one huge leap for classical music!


Praise @zenit !

A miracle has happened, search has finally and truly improved!

It now finds “Werther Corelli” albums - I had given up hope.

as for “Trovatore Pavarotti”

on Roon desktop Mac, so much better. But on iPhone doing the same search - perfect!!!

So there is a difference in results between iPhone and my Mac.

Library results for “Turandot Nilsson”


So finally one of the things I hated most about Roon and have spent endless hours giving examples on this forum (myself thinking I must be crazy, because so many probably thought I was only imagining stuff) It just shows, it was broken and finally has truly improved and is working so much better now,

So thanks Roon for listening!

I will test more - but up to now it looks so much better.