Search only local library vs streaming services

Hey guys. Is it possible to search or only show my CD library albums rather than mixing them with albums from streaming service?

If you want actual search (the magnifying glass top right), finish the search and on the results page click the Library icon:

Or use the filter on My Albums which always is limited to the library to begin with. Note that this is a substring search and finds every album that contains the search term anywhere in the name. (The filter is available on most pages, e.g. My Tracks, the credits, playlists, tags, etc)

I think the way to filter to only local albums is this way:

True, I didn’t understand that you wanted local files only although you said so and mistakenly thought you wanted to search or filter “just library”.

In this case, apply the Focus to display only local files like you showed in the screenshot, and then use the filter as in my screenshot if you want to limit further (as you wrote search, not display, I suppose you are looking for something specific)

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