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Search only works with items in my local library

It does not find any artists or albums in Qobuz. I am on 1.8 build 884 but I was on the beta due to Meridian issues.

Please help

This is a known issue and there are a few open threads about it. The Roon team are working on improving this. This thread kind of states their current position.

Thanks for that. My problem is not subtle issues like in that thread. I do net get any basic results in Qobuz

What does it say for streaming plan under settings: service’s: Qobuz?

Sorry for the misunderstanding, start with @AceRimmer’s suggestion:

If you are connected to Qobuz here are a few other questions:

  • Can you add Qobuz albums to your library? When you favourite an album in Qobuz does it appear in Roon?
  • If the answer to the above is yes, do Qobuz albums added to your library appear in search results?
  • Can you provide a couple of example searches with screen captures of the results?

I know you hint at the answers to the first questions, I believe it’s yes and no but it’s best to be certain.

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What happens if you hit " sync library now".
This kind of forces a re-recognition of Qobuz inside of Roon sometimes.
Or logging out of Qobuz inside of Roon, rebooting the Roon Core machine, then logging back into Qobuz inside of Roon once it has restarted.

Any search results including Qobuz then?

One oddball thought.
You don’t have something crazy in focus settings like local storage only?
Not sure as that would affect search results but you never know.

Thanks for looking at this

OK that’s definitely badly broken. It’s late here and I’m off to bed but here’s a couple more questions.

  • is the NUC running ROCK or another OS?
  • testing someone else’s theory a little here, if you search for an artist present in your local library do any Qobuz results show up, e.g. albums or tracks not in your library?

Roon search, grrrrrrr…

NUC is running ROCK
Answer to the second question is YES

It appears that the problem only occurs with artists that are not in one’s library but one of the main points of Roon is to try unknown music!

Well quite!
And obviously your experience is not as it should be.

Right now I can only suggest the log out, reboot, log back in as I suggested a little while back.

You are in right place for official Roon support though.


I tried log out and reboot and no difference

I totally get the frustration, finding only items for artists in your collection isn’t the best way of exploring what Qobuz has to offer. Given your problem is ongoing and lots of people aren’t reporting issues it appears that it’s something to do with the state of your Roon instance.

If I were in your shoes I’d shut down the Roon core and clean up the cache/temp directories. That’s only a possibility and is far from a sure fix. Because you’re on ROCK this is possibly more difficult for you and I’m far from sure it will help.

Out of desperation, I reinstalled the operating system and reset my database and settings. On the first try to reset, I got this message:

database clear roon

I pressed reset again and it seemed to reset.

I then reinstalled everything but sadly, no improvement in search or the Meridian issue :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I deleted and reinstalled the iPad app and search is now working!

Perhaps it was due to having the beta.

Here’s hoping it will fix the Meridian problem as well but I am not holding my breath.

Thanks everyone for your input

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