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Hi Everyone
I think Roon is getting better and better and with the advent of Roon Arc I had to surrender and go all in. Now I love Roon. I have a moderately large library with 2600 albums in my hard Drive and a Tidal HiFi streaming deal.

I still think the search/filter function works strangely or maybe I don’t get it…?
Example: Choose Composer = Ludwig van Beethoven. Discography. My library = Checked. Sort= Albums by title. Result: first album is Martha Argerich play Beethoven piano sonatas (OK), second is volume 93 of my Bach 333 complete works box (?). When I check the metadata and file setup nothing connects this to Beethoven.
Further down in the same search is Saturday night fever movie sound track and much more irrelevant stuff.
What am I missing here? Can anyone please explain this.
Best regards Claus

Disclaimer: I am not a ‘real’ Classical Music connaisseur, although I do have about 500 classical albums in My Library.

For me, the best result for Classical Music is not to work with Albums, but start with Composers:
Make sure to select ‘Show only classical composers’

resulting in (currently) 249 Composers

I chose to sort them by last name, so Ludwig von Beethoven is at the ‘B’

Selecting Beethoven immediately shows the corresponding albums in My Library

In other to explore deeper, you can select Discography

Using Filter I can then look for e.g. Conductor, e.g. Karajan

And of course I can narrow it down looking only to what is in My Library (or using Focus)

Thanks for your reply,- but you are only showing the same search strategy that I wrote, and as far as I can see from your screen shots you get exactly the same partly irrelevant results as I, as your album no. 4 seems to be Gustav Holst, The Planets, which, unless the album also contains some Beethoven, is irrelevant in this search context.

The problem is in identification of the album.
Roon had identified this album as part of a DECCA box, and alloctated all Credits of the box to this album.
I have changed the idenfication to the right album (which Roon did not take automatically due to 1 track lengh.

After correction, the right credits are assigned, and the album does not show up under Ludwig von Beethoven:

So, it is all about quality of metadata, and that remains an issue.

You are absolutely right, Dirk,- Thank you for this thorough investigation!
I thought I had checked all metadata possibilities, but didn’t go deep down in the metadata credits, as you did. I learned a lesson here…

I don’t have that box set but I know from experience that big box sets often have obscurities that trip roon up. Beethoven actually transcribed Bach’s BWV 867 so it looks like he gets a composer credit on CD 215 of that box set:

Hess 38, Beethoven’s arrangement of J.S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier Book 1, Fugue Nr. 22 in B flat minor BWV 867, for string quintet. This fugue arrangement is performed on CD 63 of the Naxos Beethoven Complete Edition by Sofia Kim, Susie Kroh, Seido Karasaki, Larry DiBello and Marta Gudmunsdottir. This Bach Fugue arrangement is also performed by Michael Alexander Willens and the Kölner Akademie on CD 215 of the massive DG BACH 333 – The New Complete Edition.

Unfortunately roon does not handle transcriptions, arrangements, cadenzas predictably. No doubt there will be other examples (not just Beethoven) on a box set as large and comprehensive as Bach 333.

@tripleCrotchet Tony
Thank you for your comment, Tony.
I wish it was that easy,- the credits seem to influence search all over the place,- e.g. “Saturday Night Fever - sound track” shows up in my Beethoven search and it seems that Saturday Night metadata credits 217 persons (!) including Ludwig van, and I could go on endlessly because the searches are simply polluted with multiple examples like that.
@support,- It would nice if Roon would give advice as how to turn off metadata credits in search strategy, please?