Search or know MQA songs

How do I search for music that is in MQA or where is a indication of what version is playing in MQA? If I use the tidal app in bluOS I’m shown if the recording is MQA version but not in roon.
Only if I hit the star thing while playing a song will I see if it is MQA

You can customize the display views in Settings, new in 1.8 is the MQA icon, here’s a sample of an MQA Album

Selecting the Album, it drops the album icons and shows the data elsewhere on the display, note YMMV depending on what device your on, the smaller the displays the less data you see without selecting other sub displays, on my phone I have to then select INFO to get these details

While playing the song, again, depending on what device your on, the Signal Path gives you a breakdown of what your listening to:

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That was great answer thank you.

In tidal there is masters . Does roon have a search function like that where I can search for specific quality. I have a high end system and I will listen to anything that is mastered

Ooo your going to tax my brain, no you can’t search for specifics, but it doesn’t matter, if you want something, you just pick the best of the available options, use the VERSIONS selection for that:

then choose the one you like best, this is not the best example since I usually find multiple formats:

Yes, you can use focus for both of your questions. Focus > Other > MQA. Focus > Sample Rate > Select. You can also combine sample rate with Focus > Format to select WAV, FLAC etc. in a specific sample rate.

For Searches ? I thought Focus was only for albums in your library or albums you Added to your library?

Yes, it is for material (albums, tracks) in your library. Maybe I misunderstood what the OP was wanting to do, but Focus will certainly find what I thought he is looking for within his library.

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I found the focus tab. Useful for finding MQA in my library. Unfortunately focus for web based music is very very limited. Disappointed.
Thanks for clearing this up