Search, Performance Slowdown

At 10:30 CST today, Roon performance slowed to a crawl. 30+ second searches, very slow playback starts, etc.

Seems to be a pattern here: Friday mornings?

Hi @John_V,

Just to verify here, are the setup details in your profile still accurate?

Does this occur every Friday morning? Is there any difference about the type of content you’re playing / how you’re using Roon when this occurs?

Does a reboot seem to resolve things temporarily, and do you regularly reboot outside of this slowdown?

The profile’s still accurate.

I’d have to go look at my previous post dates, but 10:30 on late-week mornings is my recollection.

Reboots did not help. It seems to be a server issue, since other internet usage is fine during this time. HTH

Thanks for confirming, @John_V.

The next time that you’re in this state where things seem slow, I was hoping you could perform the following test. Please make a note of the time that you start the test and how long each step takes:

  1. Run a speed test here and report your results in your response
  2. Open Overview page.
  3. Open Discover page.
  4. Perform a search for “The Beatles”.
  5. Open “The Beatles” artist page.
  6. Open the “Help!” album page.
  7. Start playback of “Help!” (how long does it take before it plays?).
  8. Search for “Daft Punk”.
  9. Open the “Daft Punk” artist page.
  10. Open the “Random Access Memories” album page.
  11. Start playback of “Random Access Memories”.

Respond here with the times for each and the time that you started (and your timezone). I’ll pass these results along to the team to aid in their investigation.

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