Search problem: Roon does not find all albums

Innuos Zenith STD MK 2, Roon Core build 537

Searching for DSD albums physically in library does not return all albums:

I did many search with different artists and the results are consistent for DSD albums.

Consistent here meaning that depending where you search for the artist albums you will get either:

  1. Some of the DSD albums

  2. Most of the DSD albums

  3. All of the DSD albums.

Before doing the latest search I did activate “Show hidden tracks and albums”. I had also validated that tagging was consistent for all albums of one artist.

See the attached file for my search results for Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan and Rolling Stones. I picked those because I had a few DSD albums for each of those artists.

For illustration purpose I will present the results of my searches for the Rolling Stones DSD albums as this is where I get the worst results. I have 14 Rollings Stones DSD albums.

Under the column Search 1

The initially search for Rolling Stones was done by using the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of Roon. This showed only 6 out of 14 DSD albums

Under the column Search 2

Below Search results for “Rolling Stones”/ Top Result/ ARTIST The Rolling Stones. I clicked The Rolling Stones which yielded Main Albums (73)

This showed 12 out of the 14 DSD albums.

Under the column Search 3

From the same screen I then clicked View All Albums.

At last I saw 14 of the 14 DSD albums.

So when ever you want to make sure that you see ALL albums by an artist one had to go through steps 1 ,2 and 3.

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Thanks for the feedback, @zettelsm! I’ll be sure to pass this along to the team.

Thank you Dylan.

Because this form does not accept anything other than text and picture files I had to copy a section of the Excel spreadsheet used to tabulate the results of several searches and paste it in as a picture. I have the complete Excel worksheet if there is a way to submit it.

Steve Z

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