Search regression when using non-ASCII symbols

I think I can summarize this easily with few words & several pics.

fyi I own >100 versions of You Really Got Me; most of them live. I use some non-ASCII symbols to denote various variants. Other variants are albums Roon has recognized, so they use bracketed info at the end of the track.

Search is fundamentally broken for either of the variants I mentioned above.

Now to the pics.

1st, I search for You Really Got Me

2nd, I click on the first (unadorned) choice, and I get what presumably are my >100 different versions; so this probably works fine

Next, I try the 2nd version down [Mono LP version…] – doesn’t work. This is what I get when I click on it:

Next, the 3rd version down – also doesn’t work:

Note that both versions 2 & 3 are on Roon-recognized albums, i.e. not my custom metadata

Now the 4th version, one of my bootleg non-recognized versions. Doesn’t work:

And now the last version, which I think is a bootleg where I have yet to customize the metadata. This appears to work:

That about covers it. I don’t know when this “broke”, but I suspect with the advent of 1.3, as all these searches were successful previous to 1.3.

Can you zip up some media for me to try and reproduce this @trtlrock? Send me a link and we’ll take a look. Thanks!

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OK – here’s 3 zips:

  1. Mono LP w/reverb is somewhere in here:

  2. Hippodrome:

  3. 1977 12 24 is somewhere in here:

Also, I see you changed topic header to non-ASCII. Brackets are ASCII aren’t they?

@mike Did you d/l the stuff from Dropbox yet? Any luck with the problem?

Hey @trtlrock, we were able to download/reproduce in-house. Ticket is with the developer at the moment.

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