Search result from Qobuz can't be seen in Roon

Hi I found that the search results for Qobuz can’t be seen in my Roon remote app though I could see search Results in my Qobuz app.

Is there any option to get Rearch results from Qobuz? It seems like get only local storage search only now.

You may have restricted Roon to only search your library.

You can disable it from here:


I am running into this as well.
I search “Jessica Pavone” in Roon with no results:

Qobuz gives me these:

She shows up for me. But she appears on album I have in my library by Vampire Weekend but can see her albums in Qobuz and Tidal.

It still isn’t showing on my iPhone remote but is showing on my iMac remote. Thanks for helping narrow this down, CrystalGypsy!

I added one of the albums via the iMac remote then opened it up on the iPhone remote. It found her entry and discography this way. Sounds like a bug.

Yep something not right. I have come across this before bit being able to find it at all in Roon but could in Qobuz.

I still had test flight set up on this remote, so I deleted it and reinstalled the Roon app on my phone. Not sure if it is tied to it, but it is an oddball variable that is best removed from the chain.

Thought I’d share a screen shot of today’s results while looking for a specific track. Tried various wording including searching for the album title.

I know the support staff is always looking for specific examples.

That’s all I got.

Hope posting this helps.

Have you tried the other way? Like this; hi-fly, cannonball adderly
Works much better for me.

First time for me

I have the same problem - able to find something on Qobuz directly which doesn’t appear when I search through Roon. In my case I wanted the soundtrack to the musical “Six” which I can play on Qobuz but through Roon all I can get is the “sing-along” version which is only fine if you want to do karaoke. I’ve tried all sorts of ways to get the full soundtrack through Roon - searching by artist or song title doesn’t bring any better results. What is going on? I thought Roon would give me full access to the same services that I can access directly provided they are supported, which Qobuz clearly is. versions.

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Hi @Clive_Richards,

The trouble you’re having with The Six soundtrack is a metadata equivalence issue. Many times these titles don’t have enough information embedded to generate disambiguation. When that occurs the other versions should be nested under Version. Please look for them there. We’re working on ways to overcome this behavior, but the fix for Soundtracks has to work system wide.

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Thanks. I also had a helpful reply from ged so I am sorted for now.

Thanks. Got it!

Yep, @ged_hickman1 is a great benefit to our Community, always pleasant and able to lend a hand. :pray: We’re grateful for his help.