Search results need sort options when drilling down

Browsing through all track results that match a search term provides a result set sorted only by title (with no regard for performer) and with no options to sort the list in another order. It’d be far more useful to be able to change sort order by clicking on a column header for title, artist or album (much like the Track view found under the main menu) and making them cumulative, e.g. if I wanted to sort by title, by artist I’d click on the Title colum first, then on the Artist colum, presenting a list sorted by title and artist.

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It’s even more cumbersome with a shorter title or single word search like ‘banana’. The search term can be anywhere in the title and thus not even sort by title, seemingly random with no real option but to scroll and look or use the filter to enter more characters but this isn’t terribly useful.

I have a surprising number of tracks with banana in the title :wink:

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Just adding data points here. How on earth is this supposed to be in any way useful as a search result. Please add a sort option and the ability to default a sort order.