Search results...only show matches for first names?

I was trying to do a search for Jaimee Paul but I could not remember how to spell her first name so I just searched on “Paul”. I was surprised to see the results only come back with artists with first names beginning with Paul. Why wouldnt the results also include artists with “Paul” included in any part of their name? I understand listing artists with first name Paul at the top of the list but the other results should also be shown. At the very least, there should be a “More” button to display all results. Also, why does the result list not show all the artists starting with Paul? It seems to only show 5 results. I should be able to either scroll or again, press a More button to see all results. For some strange reason, Bono is listed at the bottom of my search list on my phone (but not on my laptop).

I really like how JRiver implements search. It shows matches for artists, songs, album, etc.

Will search be improved?

just press enter :wink:

LOL!!! Ha ha ha. You rule! I mostly access Roon from my phone and never thought to press enter once I saw the results list window pop up! I will go back to my listening cave now and stop posting for the day…:flushed:

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