Search results - Tidal

My music sources are Tidal plus about 1000 albums on a local drive. Today I searched for “Last Song”. There is an album in the Tidal data base with that exact title, which is what I was looking for. Got lots of album results, NOT including that one, that were not exact hits. When I add the name of one of the performers, “Sveinbjarnardottir”, it pops right up. So, when an exact match is available, why doesn’t it show? Is this a Roon issue or a Tidal issue?

Improvements to search are currently in beta testing which will improve on what its currently returning. That said last song appears in many many titles with other words so your going to get returns with just the key words mixed with others its very hard to make a choice as to what the user is actually looking for. But rest assured it will be a big improvement on what your seeing and you will be able to find that album. I cant say any more due to confidentiality only that it is greatly improved. Bare with it, hopefully wont be long until its released to the world.

Just to understand . . . . Is search entirely controlled by Roon software even when Tidal is part of the music being searched?

Yes, due to how Roon integrate streaming it has its own database. They don’t touch Tidal.or Qobuz databases for searching it has its own. They.get regular database updates or dumps as they call it from the services during the week. This is why often some new releases are not always available as they where added late to Tidal of Qobuz by the record labels and often only show up on the next database sync.

Having it this way allows Roon to have the unique library management it has and allow all the in depth stuff in focus to work. You can’t get that level of stuff from the API alone. It’s also why you want see Spotify, Amazon or Apple Music in Roon as none of those services will allow Roon this level of access, that they need. So the search tools are all Roons, they recently admitted it’s based on older tech and no longer works as well as it should now Roons grown so much so they are rebuilding it to work a lot better.

It’d only the database part that’s Roon , the streaming part still comes direct from Tidal or Qobuz ApI access.