Search results within large collections/boxes

When searching e.g., for an artist and that artist is found within a multidisc set then only the set is revealed but the location of the artist tracks within the set is not revealed? An example: I lookup artist Anne-Sophie Mutter and among the results are “with Herbert von Karajan” and the box set “Karajan complete recordings on DG” are shown. But, it does not point to where in this 220 disc set I can find the tracks with Anne-Sophie Mutter. Am I missing something?

Same issue on smaller multi disc sets. And no search option directly within that set somewhere. It’s only across your whole library. Needs to be more granular and highlight or take you to the search result.

Also I would add within Artist. It’s often I know the band and I am at their page but I have to look through albums to find a track.

We know box sets are a mess, I tend to go the other way via Composition, select the Artist I want

Going back to the Album from there highlights the track within the box

Far from ideal with big sets

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