Search: returning from item takes you back to beginning, not most recent point


I search for “string quartet”. I receive multiple pages of results, which I view as albums. On page 5 of the results list I click an album I want to look at. When I am done I hit the back arrow. Rather than going back to where I was - page 5 of the search results - I am taken back to page 1 of the search results.

In the scheme of things this is a minor irritant, but it would be delectable to be able to go back to where I was, rather than having to do the extra step of getting to page 5 of the results again.

This issue is occurring on a Mac Roon set up, latest version of everything. It also happens in the same way on my ipad.

(On a side note, a friend of mine has just acquired an Oppo 205 and I am trying to talk him into adopting Roon!)

+1. The search results screen is frustrating - if you just have a couple of hits, everything is great. But when you end up with more than a handful of results, you really should have all the tools/functionality that you get from the “browsing” views - namely, Focus, Sort, and navigation memory (i.e., what page was I on?).

This behaviour happens across most areas where multiple pages of albums appear, not just in search results. It’s a pain when scrolling through the new releases in Tidal and having to always go back to the first page after viewing and album of interest, for example.
There’s a number of threads on the topic already, Roon have responded to say that it occurs b cause there are so many elements to keep track of that it runs out of resources and looses its “place”. From this reply I got the impression that it’s unlikely to get a fix.

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