Search Roon Library by Alphabet

This sounds like a simple question. Is there a way to search my Albums or Artists by alphabet? Like if I want to just NOT scroll and go directly to all the Albums or Artists that begin with the letter “E”, is there a way to do that?

If the view is sorted by Album Title then you can just press E to get to the start of albums beginning with E. Likewise, if Artist is sorted by name then it works the same.

If you have other sort views, then you can use the funnel filter.

I thought that too but it doesn’t seem to work properly. For example, right now I’m viewing my library in “Artists” and “Sorted by Name”. If I click the Search icon and enter “E”, in the following “Search results for “E”” page, I’m not yielding the results I expected; even with “Only show my Library” button turned on, I’m seeing artists that are not in my Library and don’t begin with the letter “E”.

SEARCH does quite work like that. I mean go the Album page, sort by title and then just hit the letter H. OR, use the funnel on the Album page (or Artist).

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In Artist view - Sorted by Name, click on the ABC field left under

In Album view- Sorted by Albym title, click on ABC field left under


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Oh, duh! LOL. Thanks @anon90297517. I never even saw that! Sometimes it’s the little things that need to be pointed out. Literally – it IS little.

Aha! Got it! Thanks so much for schooling me on that, @Rugby. I didn’t even know.

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