Search Story -- A Horse with Few Legs

In a moment of inspired listening ideas, I decided to listen to ALL the covers of that 60’s classic, “Mustang Sally”. A search (View All) pulled up 28 tracks, two of which were unavailable.

However, when the “mustang Sally” albums were inspected, there were perhaps 50 albums, each with an MS cut.

So why didn’t Roon pick up all the cuts out there in streaming land (QOBUZ and TIDAL) on its View All Track List?

And if that weren’t enough, Roon’s Top Result was by… wait for it…The Rascals, and not Wicked Pickett. Ah the injustice… :slight_smile:

This story ends well though. Thanks to Roon’s slightly myopic search, I was saved from 25 more renditions.


I now realize, inspired by your story, that there are literally hundreds of albums with a Mustang Sally track on Qobuz :astonished: Surely this count includes many identical cuts :thinking: … we must investigate :wink:

Thanks, made my evening!

(As to search results and ranking / sorting when using streaming, it always make me think of a great Tom Waits track …)