Search suggestions should take you to the item, not the search

Whenever a search suggestion is an artist, song title, or album, I get annoyed that selecting it takes me to search results for the suggested text, rather than to the actual artist, song, or album. If I wanted to see the search results page, I would have just hit enter…

For example, if I type “waitin” into the search field, the first suggestion is “Waitin’ for a Superman”, a song from the Flaming Lips’ album “The Soft Bulletin”. What I would expect to happen when I activate the suggestion is that I’m taken to the album page for The Soft Bulletin, with the proper song highlighted, or in the case that I have multiple versions/covers of the song, the composition page for that song. Instead, all that happens is that I get the search result page that I would have gotten if I had typed the whole phrase “waitin’ for a superman” into the text field and hit enter.

This is probably the most annoying for artist searches, where the search results pages are almost like the artists’ pages.

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I’m getting totally different result.

What is your controller, its version, and same for your core ?

Are you a Tidal Subscriber ?

Have you done any changes under settings ? (Not that I think it matters)

The search suggestions depend on the content of your library. You get different suggestions because you have different music in your library:)

Let me strongly second this feature request. If a user selects a search suggestion from the drop-down, the search should take the user directly to that suggestion, not to the search results screen, which then requires the user to click on the top result.

In the alternative, Roon search could mimic Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature, by going straight from search box to the top result when the user holds down a modifier key while completing the search. This would work whether or not the user selects a search suggestion.

Roon’s current behavior is like Google’s.
I prefer keeping to that norm.
Not just because it is common, but because it is useful.
When I enter “monk”, the search suggestion “Monk’s Mood” is a song, so it might seem possible to go directly to a track list - but in addition, Roon shows several albums that contain that song which is very relevant for a song that is so widely recorded.
And if I choose the “Thelonius Monk” suggestion, there are lots of meaningful results: Monk as a performer, Monk as a composer, albums by other album artists featuring Monk, albums like Andy Summer’s Green Chimeys: The Music of Thelonius Monk.

Screen captures:

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