Search Tidal [and Qobuz] Playlist / Playlist Description

Small suggestions,

It would be useful to be able to include TIDAL playlists when searching for keywords, sometimes there are pre-curated playlists which might be of interest for our chosen tracks.

In addition, when selecting a playlist in TIDAL, it would be great to have the playlist description displayed.

Happy New Year to the ROON team!


I also would love this feature! Many searches that I make are intended for tidal playlists.

I can see all Qobuz Playlist but I get only the title of the playlist and not it’s description. It’s important to read it as it explains why the tracks have been included and the reason of the playlist itself.

It’s painful to always open the Qobuz app and read the description there and then return to Roon to play it.

Is there any workaround?

I can’t see a description field for Playlists. This sounds like a Feature request to me. There is already a similar feature request for playlists from Tidal:

Feel free to add your opinion to that or create your own for Qobuz.