Search tracks in playlist (or GO TO track in playlist)

This is a glaring omission imo for an otherwise great music software platform. If I have a play list that is 1000 tracks and I hear a song that I don’t like and I want to remove it… I should be able to quickly search the song in my playlist so it pops up and then I can remove it from the playlist.

Not being able to do this means I need to manually scroll through which is an annoyance if you have a big playlist (even if sorting alphabetically).

PLEASE add this feature. Thanks.

You mean like a filter funnel for the track name, where you could just type a few letters of the track name and the track would show up? Then you could click three dots and remove from playlist?
Something like that?

Yup that would be great!

That’s what we have now. There are filters for each of the columns in the play list. Since the playlist is indexed, when you type in the filter, matching text strings will be listed below the text box. When you get to the track/artist/album you want, select it and then go to the three dots in the right-most column and remove from the playlist.
It will work for playlists you create. But curated playlists from Qobuz (for example) can’t be modified. You’d have to copy all those tracks and create your own playlist to modify.

Oh my god you are right! Ok disregard, sorry! THANKS

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