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I’m loving Roon. I subscribe to Qobuz and have some music on Apple Music. It picks up both nicely.

How can I search the whole Roon database to find albums that I am missing from my Apple Music and are not listed on Qobuz? I have found some out of print albums on the Roon database by accident but it would be nice to search the whole database and for it to identify where an album may be found or if it is now out of print.

Check out Discoggs, they have a market place section.

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Hello @Arthur_Cunynghame, and welcome to the community! There is no way to browse the entire database within Roon — We only show what is available to play, whether that be from a streaming service or your local library.

geoB’s suggestion is a good alternative for browsing a specific artist’s catalogue for what you might be missing.

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