Search within artist?

More brainstorming than a must-have-this-now type of thing. But I think it would be useful to be able to commence a search within an artist (or composer?) and then have the search results all be within that artist. So rather than have to start broad with the entire universe with a search, add the ability to do something within an artist.

The main use case is when I know a track is by a given artist but I’m not sure what album, and I have a lot of albums by that artist, don’t want to go through each one. Yes, search would find it, but perhaps require sifting through other search results.

Ideally this search wouldn’t take one off the artist page and into a search results page instead, but I don’t really know what that means…defer to the professional information designers on that part.

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A very good idea, @James_I.

Should fit nicely in with my hobbyhorse: parametrized search. Indicate artist and track and presto. No kitchen sink. :sunglasses: