Search won‘t provide results

Latest 1.8 on iOS: I realized that with just a single character being different the search ins providing any search results at all! Especially on mobile & tablet a single wrong character is quite common.

Nowadays it’s actually standard (elastic search, fuzzy logic etc) to provide the user with related search results being close - like „did you search for xy“ or skipping that and providing the most likely search results right away as many other tools do.

What was the search? What results did you get?

It was „trans acid kruser“ I think - but now it works :smiley:

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Here is another one I just came across - searching for:
Ray Browns Soular Energ
There is just one single character missing at the end „y“ ans search shows no results at all.

@ivan Any ideas?

I have Qobuz. Top hit. First Try
A couple thoughts:

That’s not true. It is Ray Brown the artist. Not Ray Browns. Roon doesn’t understand possessives.
Feeding Roon several unique attributes seems to help.
Unique is best, because there is a singular case to sort through. If I search Soular I also get that album as the first hit.
Since there are a zillion “Ray” it isn’t necessarily helpful when combined with the incorrect Browns.
I’m not defending the search function. Your point about being able to accommodate errors is hard to argue with. More like, know your enemy.

I just have Tidal - would be interesting to see if there is a different implementation.

@dylan Are you aware of that?

Hi @Markus_Hubner

I just did a search for Ray Browns Soular Energ with only TIDAL enabled and it worked okay for me. If you do another search for this do you see the same error or does it work for you after that?

If you run into this again can you please let us know the time that it occurs and the string that you searched? We’ll enable diagnostics and take a closer look.

Seems to work now - nice :slight_smile:
Did you update / tweak something in the background?

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