Searches now blocking all activities!

Core Machine

Intel NUC 7i7BNH, 32GB RAM, 256 GB SSD (100 GB in use), 1TB HD (HD not in use)
Roon version 1.8 (build 790) (64 bit)

Network Details

Router Fritz!Box 7590
INTEL NUC (core)
Switch Cisco-SD2008v3
Meridian-861v4-ID40 (zone 1 with 2x DSP5200SE (see zone 2), 1x DSP3300,
1x DSW, 2x505with Braun L300 and 2x DSP33)
Meridian-218-1 (zone 2 with 2x DSP5200SE (MQA))
Meridian-218-2 (zone 3 with 2x DSP3200)
Apple-Mac-mini (zone 4 through Meridian HD621 (MCh))
QNAP-TS-451A with 4x 3TB, 3916 albums with 68191 tracks
Switch Zyxel-GS1900-24E
Meridian-MS200 (zone 5 with 1x DSP33)
and some more non-audio-related stuff
All afore mentioned audio stuff is cabled connected.
One SB Touch is connected through wifi (zone 6 with 2x AudioEngine2)

Audio Devices

Through wifi my controls are connected:
2 iPhones (S7 Plus)
2 iPads (2017)

Description of Issue

Already since more than a year my search facility is blocked after about one day of searching. The next day the search will not work anymore. Also radio-stations can not be selected. Earlier I had spinning circles. I changed my provider, I changed my router twice, I excluded my Apple gear, I connected to the Google-DNS-server. The only remedy is to restart my core.
@dylan has suggested several changes but so far the problem has not been solved. @support, please help me.
Now all activities are blocked after one day with searches.

Pieter dVR

Hi @pieterdvr

The next time you’re in this state please make a couple of searches and note the time that you begin the search and the item you search for. Respond here with that information and we’ll run diagnostics to see what is happening during those times. Thanks!

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Hi @dylan,
When I search the search is done, but the next day all activities are blocked. So I can’t do any search. And I can’t play any radio station or CD. Please tell me how I can test things or prepare diagnostic information. I really have comparable problems already since a year. Every few days I have to restart my core.

Hi @pieterdvr

Thanks for your patience as we’ve worked through this. The goal here moving forward is to take a specific look at certain instances of this happening. If you can provide some specific timestamps + search strings/track names, we’ll look closely with our QA team at these instances so we can better understand why you’re seeing these particular problems.


Hi @dylan,

I have done an extensive test:
At 29 of May at 09:30 I have restarted my Roon core.
Than I did a search for J.S.Bach Goldberg Variations by Berlage Saxophone Quartet (MDG). Therefor I typed Bach Goldberg Berlage as search string. No results.
Than I typed Bach Goldberg Variations Berlage. I got 33 results, but nothing with Berlage. I selected from the 33 the Camerata RCO one and added it to my collection.
Than I typed Bach Goldberg Variations Saxophone. I got one result, but not the one I was looking for.
Than I typed Berlage Saxophone Quartet. I got two results, but not the one I was looking for.

Than I looked for Haydn String Quartets op. 76/4-6 by Chiaroscuro Quartet (BIS). I typed Haydn Chiaroscuro. I got one result. It was already in my collection.

Than I looked for MacMillan Organ Works by Stephen Farr (Resonus Classics). I typed MacMillan Organ and got the requested result. I selected it and added it to my collection.

Than I looked for Rebirth Sonya Yoncheva by Cappella Mediterrania (Sony) by typing Rebirth Yoncheva and found the requested result. I selected and added.

Than I looked for Evanescenceby Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra by typing Evanescence Schneider and got no results. Than I typed Evanescence Maria Schneider and selected from the artists Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra. No albums or performances were found. They were also not found directly in Tidal.

Than I selected My Live Radio and from that I selectedNPO Radio 4.

Than I wanted to see the discography of Beatrice Rana. I typedBeatrice Rana and selected her from the list of artists. Thediscography showed 8 results. I selected Chopin 12 Etudes and added it to my collection. I selected Play now. The first track was played, but the rest was unavailable.

Than I selected From the latest entered albums Bach Goldberg Variations by Camerata RCO (Trio). I selected Play now.
I stopped at Variation VI.

At 10:30 I closed through vMSR on my iPad.

At 13:20 I selected from My Living Radio the station NPO Radio 4 again and stopped it at 14:00.

At 16:00 I searched for Young Heart Birdy and found the requested result that I selected and played at my study. I stopped it at 16:08 through the Meridian app.

At 16:15 I searched for Nadia Labrie and found her as artist. I selected her discography and selected Flute Passion: Mozart that I added to my collection. Than I selected Flute Passion: Bach that I added too and than Flute Passion: Schubert that I played and added.
At 16:20 I stopped through thr Meridian app.

At 18:40 I searched for Nadia Labrie again. Flute Passion: Schubert was in my collection, but the other (Mozart and Bach) were not. That problem I had not before. I have both added again.
I looked if NPO Radio 4 was in My Live Radio. It was selectable.
I closed at 18:45.

At 22:00 the three albums of Nadia Labrie were in my collection and I played Schubert and Mozart.
I closed at 23:25 through vMSR.

Next day (30 of May):
At 09:25 I selected from the list of latest added albums Birdy and played and stopped it at 09:30.

At 10:05 in my living I selected My Live Radio and from the list NPO Radio 4, but it didn’t find the station. The search symbol (moving Roon logo) stays moving.

Than I searched Beatrice Rana (as yesterday) but the search symbol stayed moving.
It was possible to play albums that I can select from the list (latest added or alphabetical) butwhen I search for an available album the search symbol stayed moving.
NPO Radio 4 was not playable through Live Radio and not through My Live Radio.

Than I selected Composers by name. Louis Andriessen that is on the first page is selectable, but Louis Andriessen is not searchable!

Than I searched for Mozart. No result. When I make the list of composers according the number of compositions, I can select Mozart. The discography delivers only five grey album place holders. Selecting Compositions resulted in non-stopping searching!

At 10:45 I restarted my core again.
Than all things went normal again

I hope you can do with it.

After restarting I did one search for Krommer Octet Partitas. I selected Rotterdam Philharmonic Wind Soloists, that I added to my collection.
Further on I will only listen to my radio and see what will happen tomorrow.
I stopped NPO Radio 4 at 12:10 and restarted at 13:10.
At 18:00 I stopped radio for the day.

On 31 of May at 08:35 I tried to restart NPO Radio 4, through My Live Radio. It showed NPO Radio 4 but after selection it searched for the station but could not find it (the still moving Roon logo).
I tried to search for Louis Andriessen, but again no results (moving Roon logo).

So I have to restart my core again.

Regards, Pieter

Hi @dylan,
Since I have sent you the details of my extensive test I had one more time the searches stopped, but since thereafter all things went well. Have you changed anything in the system or did you found anything that could be resposible for my earlier problems??
Regards, Pieter

Hi @dylan,
Can you answer my last question? Do you have any explanation why I had trouble for a long time and why suddenly after I have sent you my extensive report at the end of May all things went well? Did you make any changes in my ‘connection’ to Roon?
Regards, Pieter

Hello @pieterdvr,

I’m very sorry that you haven’t yet heard back from @dylan. It’s not from lack of caring - he’s actually been doing just this: helping resolve technical issues like yours.

I’m kindly asking to bear with us a little longer. I’m also circling back with our technical team. You should hear back soon :nerd_face:

Hi @pieterdvr

I’m glad to hear that things are working okay for you! No, there has been no change on our end. Have you made any changes to your network setup or stopped using an app or anything like that? It’s possible that whatever was causing the disruption is no longer in play and so things are working now.

Hi @dylan,
I haven’t changed anything on my end. Therefor I wanted to know if something was changed at your end, because if the problem arises again it would be easier to solve. We will see. Thanks so far.