Searching Albums/Artists in Masters Collection

Is there a way to search for artists and/or albums that have Masters recording available in Tidal?

@Clive_Pinder The only way I have found is from in Roon select Tidal then Masters then select 1 album (long press to select) then top left use the drop down where it says 1 selected to select all then on the 3 dots at the top select add to playlist, choose a new playlist obviously I called mine Tidal Masters then wait a little while and all the albums will appear in the playlist, NOTE these have not been added to your library, then once complete select that playlist and you can search and filter within it as you see fit.
Worth remembering there are far more MQA albums available than show up in Tidal masters and currently there is no way to search for them, they show under the versions tab of individual albums but that is a laborious way of locating them.

Here’s the unofficial MQA list for Tidal Masters. This is updated regularly…Enjoy!

Thanks. I wonder why Tidal/Roon can’t/won’t make them searchable. Can’t be difficult function to add!

Thanks for your efforts. A shame Tidal/Roon can’t make them searchable.