Searching by record label, is it possible?

This is literally the only feature I will consider buying Roon for (currently on trial) and I was wondering if it was even possible?

It strikes me as absolutely insane that all the big players – Sonos, Roon, Volumio etc – don’t allow something as simple as being able to search by record label.

Can anyone help me on this?

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Use Focus go far right there is a button Label and a series of check boxes

That’s only within your roon library it won’t search tidal or Qobuz for record labels.

No thats fine, I seem to have stumbled across the solution. I’m not used to this type of library, moving from MusicBee. It was much clearer to just see all the data on one page.

Thanks for the help.

That is a really pity.
Why is that not possible?

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Being able to search on Tidal/Qobuz for recordings of a specified record label would be really wonderful. I only have Tidal, and using its own app this is not possible, either. Probably the metadata setup of the streaming services doesn’t allow for this to happen. So I don’t think Roon will be able to implement this specific feature. It’s a pity…


Wondering how to search Qobuz by record label?