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Adding more criteria to a search (e.g. adding more tags) act as OR operator instead of AND. As a consequence, the more criteria I add and the less focus I get. This is not helping. As an example, I tagged artists based on their instruments and voices (male vs female) amongst others. With Apple Music, when I want to listen to some bossa nova with guitar and voice female, I just put the 3 criteria together. With Roon exactly the opposite happens: I’m prompted for everything which is bossa nova, or guitar or voice female. So I’d recommend that Roon switches to the AND logic (instead of OR), even better if Roon could include a simple inline editor in the search with parentheses using both logical operators. This latter option would be a major improvement from my user perspective. The former a bare minimum.

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It’s been asked for many times in many ways. This thread is a typical example of the request and subsequent discussion:

That’s not to say it isn’t worth raising the request, just be aware that you’re not the first to do so.

The real question is why isn’t it been taken in consideration, as it is a general request?

I suppose, a tree like browsing is something quite feasible. Of course it implies a few changes in the user interface.

But it’ll be a real plus for classical music amateurs!

I totally agree.

The more Roon claims to improve the search, the kludzier it becomes.

The only improvement 1.7 brought was speed. It’s high time they go back to the drawing board. Search is a disgrace.

Who’s to say that it hasn’t? I strongly suspect that it has, but it has to sit alongside a long list of other “general requests”. All items on that list will be subject to priorities, bang for the development buck, support costs and feature value that the Roon team has to sort through and action.

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