Searching for a track by name

I have a song called “Lady (Hear me tonight)” in my library. Why does it not show up when I search for “Lady” in the search box?

Do you mean when you just type in Lady it does not list it in the drop-down.
Or you actually hit enter after typing in Lady and it does not show up?

Go to the Tracks browser and use the filter (funnel symbol) in the title column.

Note: Roon’s global search for users with active streaming services seems optimized for discovering new content outside a user’s library rather than checking what’s in the library already.

It doesn’t show up in the drop down nor does it show up if I hit enter or select show all results. Sweet Painted Lady, Lady Grinning Soul and even Ladies of the Canyon will show up, but not Lady (Hear me tonight)!!! So crazy!!

Thank you! Then funnel method works. What is the search box for if it doesn’t bring up all the results?

With streaming services enabled, there are millions of potential matches. Roon just can’t display all of them, why search results have to be limited and weighed. The search term “Lady” is also not very specific or original, so there is a high chance your library track doesn’t show up in the results - and even if he does, you have to find it in between all the potential unrelated matches (Artists, Albums, Genres, …).
If you know that something is in your library and you know at least part of it’s name, you’re better off going to the respective browser and use the filter than using global search.

Thank you. The funnel method works great. But I think something is wrong with Roon since I don’t have any streaming services.

Even then, Roon’s search results are limited (50 I guess?) and weighed. How many matches are there for “Lady” in your library? Seems like there are to many. :slightly_frowning_face:

I see. That’s super helpful to know. Thank you again.

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