'searching' for groups albums etc

when i put in ‘the wood brothers’ in search only one album comes up(one and same for TIDAL and Qobuz) yet if i go to the TIDAL web page a slew of albums comes up and 18 come up on the Qobuz web page -what gives? this happens a lot

I see seven albums in roon and some in “with the wood brothers” which are the same as the Tidal nine that show up.

Searching for “the wood brothers” for me (I have two albums) shows

Note there are a number of “wood brothers” shown in the artist section. The first result gives 7 albums, the second 4, and the third and fourth another one each.

So Roon has four instances of the same group, whereas Tidal has one and does a better job of identifying them.

Are at least some of these Wood Brothers different groups (with the pics)? One is a two piece the other is a four piece. Very different styles.

Qobuz seems to be shuffling together albums, singles, EP’s and a compilation from some old Nashville covers band. Roon is splitting them up. The pic is also the old band not the contemporary one.

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