Searching for HQ Music on local drive

Roon Core Machine

iMac m1, 16Gb Ram.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

External usb drive with iTunes Library
Additional pCloud Drive as local drive
All Ethernet via Zytel switch

Connected Audio Devices

Speakers are Kef LS50 Wireless -cable connected to iMac optical also
Network connection to BlueOS 2i with optical to a DAC in my main hifi

Library Size

150,000 tracks

Description of Issue

I have lots of music of various bit rates…. Some mp3 rare stuff of old, some ripped cds 16 bit lossless, and an increasing amount of 24bit
In iTunes it is easy to make a smart folder to create a playlist of any file that is >16bit which I have labelled HQ Music… cos that is what I listen mostly to now
How do I search for 24bit music in Roon in my local library? I see I can add tags but this will be a huge task if I do this manually
Anyone got suggestions

Hi - go to ‘tracks > focus > sample rate(or bit depth’, or ‘albums > focus > sample rate (or bit depth)’.


Thanks I can now see all the 24bit tracks… which is a great start…. Now if I want to select them all so I can add a tag of “24bit”… how would I do that
Otherwise I just see a ton of tracks and not albums and cannot search very well… a Roon in built tag of bit depth would be handy and pull that from import each time

… using your method I now have a list of 18,000 tracks of 24bit to sort… think I need more help!

If you go to my second choice above, using ‘albums’ as the starting point, you’ll have a list of your 24 bit albums. Once you’ve done this, go to the top right of your screen, to the pennant/flag thingy (bookmarks) and create a new bookmark (call it ‘24 bit’ or whatever works for you). You can then grab that bookmark any time you want, from pretty much any screen within Roon.


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