Searching for Roon OS core

Nuc Rock Linux setup 6 years ago in Honduras

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Nuc is connected to device that is connectrd to my Romulus CD transport connected to

Number of Tracks in Library

50K tracks

Description of Issue

Moved back to USA with equioment. Set up system Roon cannot find OS Core

were you running as a fixed IP address?

There is a way to reset to DHCP again buy using a keyboard on the USB port and typing the following


also check your network cable

I was not running the Rock Core on a fixed IP address.

In terms of resetting by connecting a usb keyboard to the Nuc
I will need guidance…there is no screen
so i plug in keyboard and type what you suggested?

just now seeing monitor also connected
can this be done from my lap top?

Roon Rock
Linux on NUC
End point is Aesthetix CD Transport/DAC connected via USB Class 2

So Roon now able to see Core
The problem is that Roon does not see my library nor my output device
A screen shot of set up indicates that i am missing Codecs. Tried to download and install but not going well.
Can anyone walk me through this process. I have little experience with type of procedure

Hey Derek,

Please see here:

i was already there and could not do as directed
error reaching site

Hey Derek,

can you elaborate on “error reaching site”?

  1. you can not access ROCK?
  2. you can not access the file to download for codec
  3. or sth else?

Run a scan with an app like FING to find your IP address on the new network, assuming you are sure if DHCP and fixed IP setup. Failing that maunbe you have a bad cable or connection is not correct.

hi Yaohan
Roon will see the Core
and will play music on my laptop
it does not see my library connected to the Nuc nor any of my output devices

What external port are you using usb-a or usb-c?

External power for which device?

Port sorry edited for the external music drive and what format is the drive?

no external port on laptop
on Nuc not sure

nuc using ethernet
allo bridgecusing usb 2 options i believe om the bridge

I think it’s a good idea you draw a diagram of what is connected to what. You seem to be fighting 2 issues. ffmpeg and a library drive connection.

Was rock even an option 6 years ago? Specific hardware details might be an idea too

Fing results

You are looking for devices…to find the core address

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